About us

Hostline Limited is a huge team of IT and digital marketing specialists who are extremely motivated, goal-oriented, professional, and enthusiastic. We develop our own B2C and social networking platforms for our business needs to allow us independence from other companies’ services and to control every operation by ourselves. 

Our strong points are competence, experience, openness, enterprise, and adaptability. We know how to attract users of different niches to different types of products, how to make strong connections with our clients, and how to keep them interested in our products. 


Our Values

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We don’t tolerate plagiarism and resemblance to other brands. 

Uniqueness is our credo!

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We always do what promise and even more. Customer trust is highly important to us.

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Privacy & safety

Our clients’ privacy and data safety are the most important aspects for us. 

Our strong security system guarantees a high level of safety and confidentiality of personal information for each client.

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Focus on Future

We are a developing company that strives to always be on top. That is why we focus on the future to keep us several steps ahead of any unforeseen circumstances we cannot change.